South Hill is one of my favorite places because it looks like something out of a storybook. It is located in between downtown Bellingham and Historic Fairhaven and backs up to the WWU campus.
A cool and creepy spot is the South Hill Apartments on State St. This hospital was originally started in 1891 by two sisters from St. Joseph of the Peace who traveled all the way from my home state of New Jersey to start the first hospital in Whatcom County. Way to go ladies, blazing that trail out west! It didn’t wind up in its Forest Street location until 1901 when it was expanded. This spot has a creepy old piece of the building at the bottom of the hill that I love and wish they would restore and allow the public in, but for now the outside is a unique picture worthy spot. I like trying to peer through the dusty windows and imagine what on earth went on in that spot of the hospital since it does look like something out of a 50’s Frankenstein movie.

This area has so many Instagram worthy spots from the Bellingham sign on State St. to the plethora of architectural styles and meticulously, manicured front yards and gardens. One of my favorite streets is Forest because you can enjoy all of the architecture, trees, and pretty flowers along with peekaboo views of Bellingham Bay down below. Can you imagine the views most of these houses have in this area?!?! Morning coffee on your deck must be the most relaxing, serene, moment ever!

Forest and Cedar park which is technically in the Sehome neighborhood is good for the kiddos or Boulevard Park down below has beautiful bay views, a playground, walking trails and The Woods Coffee so you can reenergize with some caffeine and head down to beautiful downtown Fairhaven for shopping and eats.