Ahhh Blaine…I am so excited to write a little bit about my new home! Blaine is right at the border to Canada. It is nicknamed the Peace Arch City because of the border crossing or also as the Gateway to the Pacific Northwest. When my husband and I first moved to the area I remember driving through this sleepy town and thinking it wasn’t our speed but fast forward 6 years later and Blaine is right up our ally, and is now, having a bit of a renaissance. There is now a new place to purchase fresh seafood downtown called Kaisacole which is a division of the Ferndale based Barleans Fishery. Next door to Kaisacole Seafood is the new home of Drayton Harbor Oyster Company. They used to be only a couple of doors down from their new location and have some super good oysters. You can get them in the raw, or cooked on the grill a few different ways. The view from this place isn’t too shabby either and you can watch some epic sunsets in the evening out on Drayton Harbor. Bordertown Mexican Grill is an excellent spot for super good food. Their Carnitas is awesome and you can enjoy it right next to the new Starbucks in Blaine which was built to look like a beautiful lighthouse.

There appear to be lots of plans in the works for Blaine and Michael Mulder, a developer, has purchased quite a few properties downtown with the intent of opening a wood-fired pizza restaurant, taproom, bakery, grocery store, and some high-rise condominiums! Along with the current renovations and new businesses in Blaine, I predict this is going to make our town the new little hotspot just north of Bellingham.

Down at the marina you can grab a ferry ride on the oldest foot passenger ferry in Washington and hop on over to Semiahmoo Park or Birch Bay State Park to enjoy beach. Lincoln Park has disc golf, hiking, and biking trails all under the canopy of old-growth forest.

The houses in this area range in a wide variety of styles from Victorian, to farmhouses, and cute little ranch-style houses. There are also opportunities to buy up a little bit of land and build in this area which is what we chose to do just east of the 5. Overall Blaine is an awesome place to plant some roots. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this cute spot right near the border.